Joseph Lindley explains how Burlish Park Primary School are using Moki

What do you think about Moki?

So here at Burlish Park, we think that Moki is absolutely fantastic. It's a really simple but effective way of tracking how active your pupils are, which was something I was really interested to find out.

The pupils are really enthused to put the bands on in the morning and it encourages them to get active. And then that moment, when they scan the band in at the end of the day to see how many of those steps they've done, they're all waiting to see how many steps just to see how active they have been compared to all their friends and then on a Friday celebration assembly. It's fantastic on the big screen in the hall where we bring up to see not just who the individual stepper of the week is, but also to see who which year group have done the most steps and and we and we celebrate that, and it's just a great way of getting children active, really thinking about doing as many steps as possible, and then what we really like doing is using the website to then convert those steps and have a look on a map to see just how many miles they possibly have covered during that week or that month.

So yeah, really good system. Easy to use. Um, and the bands, the fact that there's no screen, it doesn't distract the children during lesson times because there's no screen to look out. But it just that. And then the anticipation to find out how many steps they've done at the end of the day is great, but yeah, great way of tracking just how active your children are at your school.

Would you recommend Moki to other schools? Why?

Would I recommend Moki to another school? Absolutely. If you want to know how how active your children are, this is the perfect thing, that can track that for you. If you want to make your children more active, this is a great way to make them more active as soon as they get that band on. Uh, there's something that clicks in their brain and think right, I'm going to do as many steps as I can today.

Often if we know that a year group have got the bands or a certain class then the class teacher thinks right. We've got to get a really good score this week. So they take more brain breaks in the middle of lessons and jump out their seat, do a little dance or whatever it might be, or just take another extra five minute quick run around the playground mid lesson or in between lessons just to keep them active, which we all know the benefits of. So it's a great way, and I definitely would recommend it to any other school to get involved with this. Brilliant.

Does your school move more since you introduced Moki?

Since we've introduced Moki here at Burlish Park, we are definitely moving more. There's so many more classes that we see, uh, when it's not PE, not at breaktime But we see them outside walking, running, just getting moving, trying to get those steps in, because obviously we have in a bit of a weekly challenge for year group versus year group.

So yeah, it's making them move more ready for that Friday Assembly. When we announce which year group have been moving the most, and have done the most steps. It's definitely something that makes you move more as a school, um, and you can set challenges for the week for a year for a month. But yeah, it definitely it makes you move more. I can guarantee that one.

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