Casterton Primary Academy

We knew that activity was important - especially after lockdown... and Moki has since had a big impact.

We used our Sports Premium to purchase the bands and we labelled it under ‘engagement for children to be active’ so we were looking for a key indicator of participation rates. We knew that the 60 minutes of activity was important - especially after lockdown, children not being able to take part in things and rising childhood obesity rates. And Moki’s since had a big impact.

PE lessons are more active because it’s become an intrinsic thing that children now know they have to start taking part in things.

We use to do The Daily Mile but it was difficult because you’re trying to fit it in around your school timetable and if it doesn’t work for that day then the children don’t do it. Whereas everyone gets a lunchtime and a breaktime so in that break it’s up to everyone to make sure they’re getting those steps in and now the children are constantly active. You can tell when they come in they’ve been properly active for at least 10 out of the 15 minutes, and that’s what we want to see.

- Mark Dutton, PE Lead