Newlaithes Nursery & Infant School

As a maths lead it’s been brilliant... to have that discussion around what the data shows.

Children want to exercise more! They now know the importance of steps and exercise. It’s really had an impact on my class, wanting to get their steps in and wanting to get outside. It’s also added that conversation about exercise and how we need to keep fit and healthy, and it’s been done in a nice way where we haven’t had to explore the human body too much.

The children now love setting their own little fitness goals and challenges, so that independence has been lovely to see.

When we do data handling in maths - we look at our Moki scores because it’s so easy to use the online tracker and look at our graphs. It’s so useful to have that discussion around what the data shows and use appropriate mathematical language with the children. As a maths lead it’s been brilliant to have that.

You can see the trends across the day and the SLT team look to see where the quiet periods across the day are, like in maths or English, and we can think: Do we need to have a ‘mad minute of exercise’ during periods of low activity? It also works really well with the carbon monoxide monitors we got from the Government. If there’s too much carbon dioxide in the classroom, we know our brains don’t function as well, so it gets the team thinking when would be a good time to go outside and refill our bodies with oxygen in order to get the best brain learning as possible?

It’s not a distraction because the children aren’t able to constantly keep looking at their own data so it doesn’t negatively affect day-to-day learning at all.”

We wanted to give the children real ownership and independence of their own exercise. In our playground, we’ve had the golden mile and various different challenges, but they became almost like ‘wallpaper’ - the children stopped looking at those things. But once we got our Moki bands, the playground became alive again. It reinvented the playground, so money we’d invested in the past - was now being used again. The children now want to go around the golden mile!

- Nathan Pow, Class Teacher