Here are 5 key reasons why Moki is such a fantastic way to get your school moving more


Moki Hands

1. Every child makes the team

Moki motivates whole school movement. The focus is on the group, so no child gets left behind.

2. Every step counts

Moki is not just for PE. It delivers a crystal clear picture of movement throughout the school day.

3. An investment that keeps on giving

Moki has no subscription. The product will last your school years and you'll only need to top-up on batteries.

4. Teachers love it

Everything about Moki has been designed with teachers in mind. How are we so confident that you'll be blown away by what Moki can do? Because you've told us.

5. Moki works

We hear it every day and we're sharing the data with you too. Schools move more with Moki.