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Moki inspires schools to move more by providing an accurate picture of their physical activity. Using a simple wristband that records a students' steps and active minutes, Moki offers educators a unique new way to engage children in their health and wellbeing.

With Moki, every child makes the team

Moki was designed to foster camaraderie and collaboration by grouping physical activity into Class, Year or whole school reports. Unite your whole school and inspire children to work together to achieve movement goals and objectives. You can even invite other Moki schools to take part!

Key Benefits
More than just another step counter
Encourage physical activity for all, not just the sporty with engaging group challenges
Evidence the impact of your school's health and wellbeing strategy
Review and share a real-time view of your school’s physical activity levels
Give every child ownership of their personal development with tailored reports
Easily shared between classes and year groups
Customer Stories
What do teachers say about Moki?

Moki can help you make a real impact at your school but don't take our word for it. We asked teachers why they think Moki makes a difference.

How does it work?
The App

Measure and motivate the activity of every child in your school, every day with the Moki app. View or print reports with a single click, group students into teams and create custom challenges. You can even invite other Moki schools to take part!

How does it work?
The Band

The Moki Band is a durable, water-resistant wristband that records both the number of steps and the minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) performed by the wearer. The Moki Band was designed with no screen, so no distractions!

Moki Band
Moki Reader
How does it work?
The Reader

Connect the Moki Reader to any Windows PC or Apple Mac via USB. When a Moki Band is tapped on the Reader the data is transferred to the app using contactless payment technology so it's quick, easy and secure.

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Moki Lessons
Shake up your school day with Moki Lessons

Moki Lessons is our AI powered active lesson plan creator. Create your very own unique library of active lessons for any year or subject!

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