Is your school ready for a big Moki Challenge?

Moki Schools

Ready to take on other schools? The time has come for our first ever inter school Moki Challenge. A bit of friendly competition between Moki schools. This should be a great way to supercharge more movement in your school!

How long is the Challenge?

This is a 5 Day Challenge (9am Monday 21st - 6pm Friday 25th of November). Only steps Synced by 6pm Friday will be counted.

Who can join? Teams or Players?

Please only enter a single Team. It can be your whole school Team. 

Won't the biggest Team win?

We will be using the Player Daily Average score so that it does not matter how many Players you have involved.

How many schools will be involved?

We are inviting all Moki schools to take part in this Challenge but have no idea how many will join!

How and when will we announce the winner?

The school with the Player Daily Average Most Steps will be announced on Monday 28th November. We'll do this via email and using our social channels.

Here's what you need to do

Joining a Challenge is easy in the Moki app. Simply follow these instructions:

1. Copy this code:


2. Open the Moki app and click on Challenges at the bottom

3. Click on Add/Join in the top right of the screen

4. Click on Join Challenge in green

5. Paste the code into the Join Challenge window and click Join

6. Add the Team you want to enter and click Done.

7. Click Save.

Here's a walkthrough video.

Best of luck!