Made for Sharing (not budget busting)

Some of us here (2 out of 4) have already designed and sold products aimed at schools. Back in 2009 we launched an app (before apps were even a thing!) called The Land of Me. It was a wonderful, beautiful interactive world that was designed to help young children play around with their imagination and creativity. It was Bafta nominated and won a slew of awards. The kids that saw it, loved it and we were all very proud. Then, unfortunately, nobody bought it (well, not nobody, and thanks if you did!). 

The Land of Me

I think there was definitely an issue of timing that went a long way to explaining why The Land of Me never quite took off. But if there is another key lesson that this commercial failure taught us, it's that school budgets are incredibly tight and when it comes to spending those budgets the decisions being made are painstakingly considered.   

We totally appreciate that buying a Moki Band for every child might be a budget buster. That's why we designed Moki to be incredibly easy to move between children, classes and year groups. If schools do have the finances available to offer a Moki Band to every student then they'll get a very clear picture of the entire school's activity across each and every day. Amazing! But if they don't, then it's so easy for the kids to share them. Every morning a student can pick up any Band and tap the Moki Reader. That Band is then theirs until they drop them off again at the end of the day.

So if you consider that the average class size in the UK is 28 students and that the whole school can easily share 1 Classroom Pack then, at time of writing, a whole school can use Moki for £592. That's not a subscription by the way. That's all you'll ever pay! So while we know we have a product that can help schools measure physical activity and motivate their students to be more active we also feel confident that we've done all we can to make the difficult budget spending decision, well, a little less difficult.

For information about how UK schools can use Sport and PE Premium to fund Moki click here.

Any thoughts on the above? We'd love to hear from you.