Special School Head of PE James Fallows discusses the impact of Moki

What do you think about Moki?

I'm the Head of PE at a special school in Rochdale that caters for 340 students between the ages of 11 to 19. Catering for a wide range of special educational needs and physical disabilities, we started using the Moki Bands in 2019. All of our students have ownership of their own band, we're able to track their steps and their activity, whilst also setting challenges against each other and other teams and classes. It helps us as a PE Department, track physical activity and movement across the school and see which areas and times of the day that more sedentary behaviour is prevalent. And look at how we can increase student movement during these times.

Would you recommend Moki to other schools? Why?

We would recommend Moki to other schools and other special educational schools as it is a great tool to be able to track movements of all students regardless of ability. We have students in wheelchairs where we are able to track their gross motor skills during programmes such as the MATP programme and other PE lessons for our wider school population and for our more ambulant population. It's fantastic to see those students have ownership of something where they can take control of their challenges, and motivate themselves to move more during breaks and lunches as well as within PE lessons and cross curricular.

Does your school move more since you introduced Moki?

Using Moki definitely has increased movement across our school. It's increased motivation for some of the students who were traditionally non engaged within PE lessons and more reluctant to access outdoor facilities during breaks and lunches. They have a tool there where they can compare against their friends. They can work with their classmates to challenge over classes, and they can see them results in real time. When they go back inside and scan their bands, they can see what they've done and where their areas of improvement are and celebrate their successes together.

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