The great Moki homeschooling project is underway!

Since UK schools closed at the end of March, we’ve been exploring ways of keeping kids moving while classrooms and playgrounds are temporarily replaced by living rooms and gardens. Our key goals are to help whole families stay active together - and have some fun at the same time!

One of our current users suggested the Moki Active Home Schools Project - which makes Moki available to kids outside the school environment for the first time. 

So, we asked dozens of intrepid families to help us put Moki to the test in the home. Within three days, we were massively over-subscribed - inundated with requests from parents who have seen first-hand the positive effect of Moki in their children’s schools, and want to continue using it in the home.

‘Class’ sizes may have reduced from 30+ down to just a handful of family members - but hopefully the spirit of active learning and friendly competition will be the same in the homeschooling environment!

For the next 3-4 weeks, our volunteers will put the Moki technology through its paces, recording their experiences with photos and video, and providing feedback that will help us refine the user experience for the home. 

After that, we will roll the project out to the wider public - helping to keep kids moving and families active together for as long as the schools remain closed.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the response to this project,“ says James Huggins, co-Founder of Moki. “It’s clear that children are really missing that connectivity with their schools, and we are determined to give them a taste of the shared learning experience they are missing out on at the moment.

Moki at Home will create an ongoing link between school and home activity levels for each individual student - and now parents and carers can join in the fun too! It will be fascinating to look at the Moki data to see how homeschooling is impacting our children’s activity while the schools are closed.”

The Moki Active Home Schools Project provides:

  • Immediate help for parents looking to keep kids active
  • Clear connectivity with the school curriculum, supported by teachers
  • Ability to measure the effect of specific activities, such as the Joe Wicks workout
  • A future link with the child’s schools and home activity levels
  • Valuable data to show the impact of homeschooling on a child’s activity

Visit our dedicated Active Home Schools Project page or get in touch to find out more!