Moki momentum keeps on building!

The milestones are coming thick and fast for Team Moki!

At the end of January we were thrilled to announce the passing of 100 million steps recorded from primary school children across the UK.  

This week we celebrated passing the 200 million steps mark! 

Whilst this means more kids are being active in schools, it is also confirmation of Moki’s position as the leading physical activity tracker specifically designed for schools. This represents approximately 30,000 individual school days which have been characterised using Moki.  It took us six months to accumulate 100 million steps, while the next 100 million were achieved in a little over six weeks! 

What’s amazing for us is the speed of momentum that we are building as our community grows. This data currently derives from every corner of the UK and in the very near future, other countries are also starting to use Moki. 

Let’s see how quickly we can get to 300 million! Watch this space......

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