We shine a light on the top 50 most active Moki schools with a new live leaderboard

The Moki Active Schools Leaderboard

Results worth celebrating

We've just launched a new feature on our website that displays a live view of the top 50 most active Moki schools.

Now of course we know there are lots of reasons for varying levels of activity between schools based on how and when they use Moki. So please don't take this too seriously. We just felt it was important to share the amazing effort being made by these children, teachers and schools.


Moki in the classroom

Sharing best practice between active schools

The leaderboard isn't just for show though. We're hoping to be able to learn from the teachers making real strides towards more active schools. We're looking to build a free resource to share some tips and tricks as to how they manage to move so much during the school day. Watch this space!


Check out the Moki Active Schools Leaderboard