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Moki Bands

Moki Bands are the world's first physical activity trackers designed for schools.

Simple, robust and cost-effective, Moki Bands count your steps and use contactless technology to transmit the data to the Moki app with a simple tap.

Unlike most other wearable movement trackers Moki Bands don’t have a screen on them so don’t display any information. Real-time feedback has the potential to be a distraction and can actually be counter productive.

Instead all progress is recorded in the Moki Bands app where the teacher or coach can control how the information is relayed back to the pupil or class. There is an option in the app that allows the individual totals to be masked if your preference is to focus on the progress of a group rather than the individuals.

Pedometers have been around for ages and are readily available online at very cheap prices. Moki Bands are much more than just a pedometer, it’s a system that combines hardware and software to create a way to very easily aggregate data across a group rather than just for an individual. Even if you were lucky enough to have an Apple Watch for every student it would still present the same problem of how to assemble all of the individual activity data into one coherent picture. Moki was designed to do just that.

What’s more Moki is one of the only wearable activity trackers to report both steps and MVPA (moderate to vigorous activity) minutes. With UK government guidelines recommending children do at least 30 minutes of MVPA in school every day, Moki provides a way to know whether that is being achieved.

Schools want to be able to harness data and technology to improve their provision for children but simply don’t have the time or the money to make a huge investment in either. Moki works out of the box and delivers sustained value without the hassle.

Moki Bands contain an accelerometer that tracks the movement of the wearer. It measures the volume and intensity of activity. Moki Bands do not monitor heart rate or use any GPS technology to track location. Just like a checkout at the supermarket Moki uses NFC contactless technology which makes it easy and quick to capture the data when the Band is tapped on the Moki Reader.

Moki Bands store data for 7 days so it’s not necessary to ‘tap in’ every day. The bands can be easily assigned and re-assigned to different pupils. This makes it simple for a single classroom pack of bands to be shared across a year group for example.

The Moki Band only records the wearer’s movement. This information is passed via the Reader to the Moki app where it is encrypted before being backed up to Moki’s servers. Whilst anonymised movement data is used by Moki for data analysis no personal student information is accessible by Moki.

Moki has undertaken a Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA) to help us identify and minimise any data protection issues and are happy to discuss this with our customers and partners. Users of Moki are not required to take any specific action to protect their privacy.

The Moki App contains a dashboard that shows graphical representations of your activity data which includes movement (steps) and intensity (MVPA). These two metrics are combined to derive a Moki Grade (A-E) which was designed to make it easy for a school to understand where they are relative to the rest of the Moki community as well as government guidelines.

Click here for a more detailed explanation of the Moki Grade.

Moki Bands are a one-off purchase and the Moki Bands app is a free download. There are no ongoing subscription costs. For detailed pricing in your preferred currency please check out our Online Shop.

Purchasing a Moki band for every child would provide the most accurate data for your school but is by no means essential. Given the pressure on budgets we designed Moki to be effective and flexible at lower volumes. Moki Bands can be shared and moved around your school so it’s not essential to purchase one for every student. However we recommend purchasing a minimum of one full class of bands and a single reader. That way you can rotate Moki periodically and build up a complete picture of your school’s physical activity levels.

Moki Bands use a regular CR-2032 coin cell watch battery so no frequent cabled charging is required. The battery lasts 4-5 months depending on usage.

We recommend replacing the battery before the start of every term.

We don't offer a free trial of Moki but every order comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with Moki then you can simply return them to us within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.

If you are a school in England, UK then you can use the PE and Sport Premium funding scheme to pay for Moki Bands as they comprehensively addresses the eligibility criteria. What’s more, Moki Bands provide the data you can use to evidence the impact of the funding.

For more guidance on using the PE and Sport Premium with Moki click here.

Yes we do! If you'd like a version of this FAQ that has been tailored for parents you can download a PDF version here.

Moki Lessons

No, definitely not. Moki Lessons was designed as more of a planning assistant for you to use alongside your existing SOW and lesson plans. Maybe you have an existing lesson in your SOW that you’d like to modify with more movement? Simply enter the details into Moki Lessons and it will respond with an idea of exactly how that might look.

No, just lesson ideas. See the previous answer for details.

No. Whilst Moki Lessons, Moki Mentors sessions and Moki Bands all work beautifully together, they are all standalone offerings that can be purchased individually.

Yes, a Moki Lessons subscription is a site license. This means that a single subscription is all your school needs to give all your teachers their own accounts. This allows them to create their own collections of Moki Lessons with unlimited requests.

Whilst we do use the word unlimited we do ask that reasonable use terms apply. For the planning requirements of any teacher there is more than enough to cater to their needs. We should say that Moki Lessons are for individual teachers and schools to use for their own purposes and not re-distribute or sell on to any other parties.

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