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The Moki Guide
Need to get everyone up to speed on Moki?

The Ultimate Guide to Moki contains key information covering all aspects of Moki, so you can easily print and share the relevant details with your leadership team, staff and parents.

Why moki?
An activity tracker designed for schools.
Get a clear picture of student, class or whole school activity
Easy to use and share so no need to have one per child
Create challenges and even invite other schools to join in!
Safe and tough with 6 months battery life so no regular recharging
What's included in the Ultimate Guide to Moki?
Moki Overview
Teacher Testimonials
Parent & School FAQ
Sport Premium Funding Guide
Join the Moki movement!

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Join us, and join a rapidly growing community ofpeople and schools passionate about helping the next generation get active.

Customer Stories
What do teachers think?

Moki can help you make a real impact at your school but don't take our word for it. We asked teachers why they think Moki makes a difference.

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