Moki Lessons

Shake up your school day with the ultimate lesson planning assistant!

Say goodbye to sedentary learning with our AI active lesson generator. Pick any year group, subject and topic, with your own custom focus, and Moki Lessons will generate a lesson idea that promotes active learning.

Moki Lessons
A powerful new planning resource for active learning

Moki Lessons uses the power of AI to let teachers quickly and easily design lessons that incorporate more movement to better engage students.

It gives me loads of ideas for new ways to approach lessons and often produces more engaging lessons than our schemes of work provide!

Brianne Pearson, Teacher

Moki Lessons is a perfect way to supplement any scheme of work, offering endless quick and easy ways to embrace active learning.

Martin Waller, Teacher
Moki Lessons
Build your own unique library of lessons!

Every lesson you create can be saved to your Favourites or simply discarded, allowing you to build and refine your collection over time.


Moki Lessons is available as an annual site license subscription. The subscription allows unlimited user accounts and lesson generations from within your organisation. There are prices for 1, 2 and 3 Years in our shop here.

No, definitely not. Moki Lessons was designed as more of a planning assistant for you to use alongside your existing SOW and lesson plans. Maybe you have an existing lesson in your SOW that you’d like to modify with more movement? Simply enter the details into Moki Lessons and it will respond with an idea of exactly how that might look.

No, just lesson ideas. See the previous answer for details.

In order to provide year, subject and topic options Moki Lessons lets you choose between the national curricula of Wales, Scotland or England.

If you'd like us to add any other others let us know!

No. Whilst Moki Lessons, Moki Mentors sessions and Moki Bands all work beautifully together, they are all standalone offerings that can be purchased individually.

Yes, a Moki Lessons subscription is a site license. This means that a single subscription is all your school needs to give all your teachers their own accounts. This allows them to create their own collections of Moki Lessons with unlimited requests.

Whilst we do use the word unlimited we do ask that reasonable use terms apply. For the planning requirements of any teacher there is more than enough to cater to their needs. We should say that Moki Lessons are for individual teachers and schools to use for their own purposes and not re-distribute or sell on to any other parties.

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Why not give Moki Lessons a try and see just how much fun it is to conjure up new ways to move and learn in the classroom?

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