Shake up your school day with active lesson plans for every subject!

Say goodbye to sedentary learning with our new active lesson plan creator. Pick any subject and topic with your own focus and Moki Lessons will generate a lesson plan with active learning at its heart.

Moki Lessons
A powerful new planning resource for active learning.

Moki Lessons uses the power of AI to let teachers quickly and easily design lessons that incorporate more movement to engage their students.

It gives me loads of ideas for new ways to approach lessons and often produces more engaging lessons than our schemes of work provide!

Brianne Pearson, Teacher

Moki Lessons is a perfect way to supplement any scheme of work, offering endless quick and easy ways to embrace active learning.

Martin Waller, Teacher
Moki Lessons
Build your own unique library of lessons!

Every lesson you create can be saved to your Favourites or simply discarded, allowing you to build and refine your collection over time.

Key Features
Unlimited Lessons*
Unlimited Teacher Accounts*
Primary Curriculum support for England, Scotland and Wales
Save and Download your favourite Lessons
Try it for free!

Pricing & Free Trial

Moki Lessons is available on a subscription basis and you can click here for pricing options. Why not give Moki Lessons a try and see just how much fun it is to conjure up your own active lessons? The free trial lets you create up to 5 free lessons just to give you a good idea of how it all works.