The Moki Referral Programme

We know fine well that our best sales team is our community of customers out there every day, spreading the word about Moki. We wanted to make sure there's a way for that loyalty and support to be rewarded so we launched the Moki Referral Scheme.

How does it work?

We give you a unique discount code and link to the Moki website to share with your audience. Any customer who purchases Moki using your discount code benefits from a 10% discount. There is no minimum purchase. In turn, you will earn a 10% commission on the total sale price of that purchase. Anyone who visits the Moki website via your link has the discount code automatically applied at checkout.

The discount code can only be used once per customer and we will pay out any earned commission on a monthly basis. Simple!

In a nutshell

Simply put, if you are accepted onto the Referral scheme you will receive:

  • 10% cash-back to you on all Moki sales made using your code.

  • 10% discount off first purchase for all new customers using your code.

  • Moki branding, images and art assets to use in your promotions.

  • A unique promo code of your choice alonmg with a Moki URL that automatically applies the dicount code for visitors.

The fine print

If you'd like to know more please make sure you've read and agreed to our Referral Programme Terms of Service.

agree and apply