The Moki Scale

The Moki scale was developed to give an indication of how your Players’ daily steps compare to others. It is a guide to help you to establish whether a given Player or group of Players have activity levels similar, lower or higher than the reference group.

Category  Daily Steps
Highest > 8,500
Above Average 7,500 - 8,499
Average 6,500 - 7,499
Below Average 5,500 - 6,499
Lowest < 5,500

At present the reference data used to form the first iteration of the Moki Scale comes from 200 KS2 pupils assessed using Moki in a primary school in the South West of England. The different categories capture the distribution of the data for this group of pupils. Thus, an important caveat to the Moki Scale at present is that the underlying data set comes from a relatively small sample of pupils drawn from a single school.

Please take this into account when looking at the data in your Reports, as you might want to consider how the categories in the scale are useful to you and your school.

The Moki Scale will no doubt evolve as more data becomes available to ensure that it's based on representative data from the largest possible sample of players – so, watch out for updates!