Are you Moki ready for the 2022-23 new school year?

As a new, and hopefully less turbulent, school year approaches there a few things you might want to do with Moki to make sure everything is ready for the start of term. With that in mind, we have put together a little checklist to help make sure you guys hit the ground running.


Check to see if your batteries need replacing. If they are 4-6 months old then there's a good chance they will be running low. You can find out how to replace the batteries in a Moki Band here. If you need to purchase replacements more then we're happy to say you can do so from our shop here.

Players & Teams

Moki's Bulk Add and Edit Tools

Make sure your new pupils are set up in the Moki app. If you need to add Players or move whole Teams up a year then why not try the easy Bulk Add or Edit Players feature? Simply click on Help & Settings in the app to find out more.


Moki TV - Free Videos to get your class moving

Bands ready? Players ready? Head over to Moki TV where you'll find some free videos to inspire you and your pupils to get moving!

Need Help?

As always if you run into any issues or need assistance of any kind don't hesitate to contact us.

Contact the Moki Team