The Moki Mission
Elevating learning with health and happiness

We’re a team of technologists and teachers dedicated to helping schools deliver a healthier, more active, and more fulfilling curriculum for every child and teacher.

The Moki Mission
Ensuring every child gets their active 30 minutes

How are we working towards this? We've developed the only wearable activity tracker for schools. Once they have the data, we help them to act.

The Team

Bryn Llewellyn

I've worked in various UK schools for over the last 20 years, both as a teacher and school leader. In 2013, I founded Tagtiv8, a pioneering approach to physically active learning. My work was recognized through research conducted by Leeds Beckett University, which found strong evidence linking active learning with improved academic outcomes. This research formed the basis of a TEDx Talk I had the pleasure of doing with Dr. Andy Daly-Smith, showcasing our findings. I'm a Director of Move & Learn (CIC) and the co-author of ‘How to Move & Learn,’ published by Crown House. I also serve as an educational advisor to the BBC and the English Football Premier League.

Ian Holmes

I'm Ian, a former Headteacher with a deep passion for integrating physical activity and well-being into the educational environment to improve outcomes for children. My work in fostering a school culture that prioritizes these values has been a cornerstone of my career. This commitment led me to work with the University of Bradford, where I collaborated with an international group to develop the Creating Active Schools (CAS) programme. Beyond this, as a co-director of Move & Learn CIC and an EMCC accredited master practitioner coach, I continue to champion the cause of active learning and personal development in education.

Betsy Huggins

I'm Betsy... the quiet number cruncher in the background of the business. I'm passionate (which also means I can be a little annoying ;) about the health and wellbeing of my own kids, even though they're nearly grown ups already!  I feel that our schools have an incredible opportunity to fundamentally shift the way they structure our children's learning environments to suit their needs in a far more holistic and beneficial way. I also work for Trauma Informed Schools (TIS) in Wales... so I'm all about supporting and encouraging our teachers to take the best possible care of our children, as well as themselves!

James Huggins

I believe that technology has the potential to help us create a more, not less, human centric education system. By letting the machines do the machine work educators can focus on the human stuff! As a creative developer I've designed and built websites, apps, games and systems using various technologies. This work garnered several BAFTA nominations (we didn't win :) I've been lucky enough to build and exit my own start up businesses as well as work with some incredible companies including Disney, Pearson Education and Warner Bros.

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