Create live inter-school challenges and much more with Moki 1.3!

Moki 1.3 is now available

With Moki 1.3 you can compete in realtime against other schools, set new challenge modes, review loads of new insights, and enjoy automatic updates (so no more manually downloading every new version).

Better Insights

We are really excited about sharing this one with you. The Reports section of the app has been overhauled and replaced with Insights. Now with a single click, you can view 9 new graphs that give you a crystal clear picture of how active your entire school is. These graphs include:

  • Global Ranking
  • Player Daily and Weekly Average
  • Key Groups Daily Average
  • % of Girls and Boys hitting 30min MVPA
  • Overall Trend
  • Player Variation


    Live Interschool Challenges

    So you think your school is racking up some pretty decent step counts? Your MVPA and Moki Grade looking pretty sweet? Well, now's the time to up the ante and prove it in a Moki interschool Challenge. It's easy. Simply set up a Challenge and share the Challenge's unique code with another school. Then it's a good, old fashioned race against the clock. 

    Who's the most active school in the county?... the country?... the world!? Let's find out.

    Moki Challenge

    There are now also 2 different Challenge Modes to choose from:

    • Most Steps
    • Most MVPA

        Improved Player and Team Reports

        We have updated both the Player and Team Reports to show daily and weekly activity levels more clearly. Steps and MVPA graphs are now separated along with the Player Daily Average stats. As ever, a simple click and you can print out all Reports or save to PDF.

        Moki Player Report

        Timesaving Auto Update

        Finally, here's one for the IT department. Install version 1.3 from our website and you'll never have to worry about doing it again. The Moki app from here on out will automatically update when we have new features to share with you.

        Moki 1.3 is now live!

        Moki 1.3 is a free update available to download right away.

        As always if you have any questions, ideas or feedback we are eager to hear them. Feel free to get in touch via our contact page.