Challenging Moki: The ‘Shaker Table’ Test

At Moki, we take the science of physical activity measurement very seriously. We want you to know that when you see differences between children in your class or school, you can be confident that these differences are real and not just random measurement ‘noise’.

So, we have been putting Moki through its paces using  a ‘Shaker Table Test’. This involves strapping the Moki accelerometers (the part inside the band) on to a shaker table that moves in a very precise way over a specific distance and at a specific speed. So, all the bands experience exactly the same movement and should record a similar number of steps. We are doing this over two different speeds...

A brisk walk

Off for a run


We want the results from Moki to be as good as the measures that you get for clinical blood tests when you visit your GP and we are excited by the results so far.

All measures have a bit of variation, it is an inevitable part of measurement. But, ideally, this variation would be as small as possible. We can calculate this variation using something called the CV (Coefficient of Variation). Common clinical blood tests have a CV less than 12% (source). We want Moki to do much better than this! and are therefore running these precision tests over a set period of time. Watch this space for results…