'For us, it works.' This school turned their physical activity levels upside down.... With data to prove it!

Moki app

Being able to identify the times of day that movement takes place in school is key.

St. Clare's Primary School in Bradford invested in Moki back in 2021. They quickly discovered that their KS2 pupils were achieving well below the expected amount of physical activity recommended. UK Government guidelines recommend children do at least 60 minutes of MVPA everyday – 30 in school and 30 at home. 

Moki motivates more movement!

Moki Bands prove their effectiveness on multiple fronts. They not only provide a comprehensive insight into physical activity levels within schools but also serve as powerful motivators for children to engage in more movement. By implementing weekly Moki Challenges, St. Clare's witnessed a remarkable surge in movement levels, illustrating the potent impact of these initiatives.

The results are clear.

With a 69% increase in girls and a 60% increase in boys St. Clare's has turned the amount of movement taking place in their school upside down. We are so pleased that Moki Bands have had an impact and would like to thank Harry McLean for sharing this report with us.