Headteacher Claire May shares her thoughts on Moki

Tell us what you think about Moki.

Hello. I'm headteacher at Longwood School in Bushey. We've had our Moki Bands. Now, since September. They've been a huge success. The children love wearing them, and it's given them a real sense of competition, since every time they wear them, they are very, very active.

At playtime, we've had inter class competitions, inter house competitions. We've taken part in one inter school competition and lots of individual competitiveness as well. What's especially great is that we don't have to tell children individually how they're doing. But there's been a lot of beat your own records, which has been huge fun, and I can't really recommend them highly enough. We love them.

Would you recommend Moki to other schools? 

If you are a school considering investing in a set of Moki Bands, I would say, Don't delay! They're incredibly easy to use. The children love them and they're very, very simple. What's not to like?

Does your school move more since you introduced Moki?

At Longwood there's been a marked improvement. The children definitely move more. When they're wearing the Bands. They just can't sit still. They want to build up their steps and love the competitiveness of them.

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