How Moki is collaborating with the Active Partnerships in England

Children using Moki at a school in London

Active Partnerships are strategic organisations with a simple collective mission: 

To transform lives through sport and physical activity

It’s obviously something that is close to our hearts too, which is why we have been working with a number of organisations under the Active Partnerships umbrella to help children in schools all over the country.

There are 43 Active Partnerships across England who are using the power of sport and physical activity to make people healthier and improve wellbeing. By adopting a collaborative ‘whole system’ approach, Active Partnerships work with diverse organisations in the community to make active lifestyles the social norm for everyone, and to address the worrying levels of inactivity in society.

A number of Active Partnerships members are working with us to make Moki available to more children, some of whom might be from disadvantaged areas, or struggling with limited access to space, resources and support.

Our initiative with London Sport saw four schools in Tower Hamlets given free access to Moki, and further projects in other boroughs will hopefully follow soon.

“We believe Moki can help inspire both children and their teachers to discover the huge benefits physical activity can have.”Bethaney Hall, London Sport

Elsewhere in the UK, Active Partnerships members are working on similar projects for schools in their regions.

It has been fantastic to see ‘Moki Hotspots’ appear around the country. With schools able to secure discounts by referencing their Active Partnerships membership, it is a model for collaboration that is seeing more children getting access to the benefits Moki can bring.

“Our work with schools is very much about helping them discover new, engaging and innovative ways to incorporate physical activity into everything they do. Working with Moki has allowed us to provide schools with another tool to do this.”Nont Iamkamphaeng, Active Cheshire

In Yorkshire, many schools have been bitten by the Moki bug. One has even won an award!

“Yorkshire Sport Foundation have worked with Moki to determine the impact of our work to increase children’s activity levels in schools in West Yorkshire. One school in Leeds have used Moki bands to evidence a significant improvement when physically active learning strategies have been embedded across the curriculum.”Dan Wilson, Yorkshire Sport

If your school is interested in joining the Moki Movement, ask your local Active Partnership about Moki discounts! You can find more information on all the Active Partnerships in England on their website here.