Moki TV Beta goes live!

Moki TV - Screenshot

Let's face it, in recent times it's been more important than ever to have access to some decent videos online that can help get the kids moving. There's an awful lot of brilliant videos out there freely available on websites like YouTube but finding them is not always easy, and takes time. With so many schools using free video resources in and out of the classroom we thought it might be helpful to create a portal featuring a selection of the very best. Not only is this hopefully a valuable resource in it's own right but also serves to showcase the creators out there making the best videos.

So the idea for Moki TV was born. A free online portal featuring a curated selection of the best active break videos for kids. You can even help out by suggesting any videos you enjoy using if they aren't already included.

The Moki TV Beta is now live so we'd love it if you could check it out and let us know what you think.

Tune in to the Moki TV Beta