Moki update 1.2 introduces MVPA tracking and the Moki Grade

Moki 1.2.0 - Reports

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our first major update to the Moki app, version 1.2. In this post we’re going to highlight the new features and changes that are going to see Moki deliver even more insight and impact for our schools.


Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) is a measure of activity intensity. The number of minutes a Player was engaged in activity that made them feel warmer and breathe faster. The addition of MVPA tracking in Moki means that alongside the existing Steps it is now possible to get a much clearer picture of the type of activity taking place.

UK Government guidelines regarding recommended activity levels are also presented in terms of daily minutes of MVPA. They suggest 60 minutes per day on average with half of that taking place at school. With MVPA now reported in the Moki app it is now possible to see just how active your school is relative to these guidelines.

Moki 1.2.0 - Players

The Moki Grade

Now that Moki records two key metrics, Steps and MVPA, we thought it would be useful to combine them in order to produce an overall activity rating that we call The Moki Grade. By using the entire Moki data set as a dynamic baseline and factoring in national guidelines for various countries we designed the Moki Grade to act as a useful indicator of the overall activity level being reported.

The Moki Grade is the first ever (that we’re aware of) data driven universal grading system for in-school physical activity.


Moki 1.2.0 - Player Daily Average

Player Daily Average

A class that has 30 Players will most likely have a lower sum total of activity than a class that has 35. After all, they have 5 more Players! So comparing them isn’t really fair, or useful. But if we compare the Player Daily Average of each class rather than the actual total this levels the playing field and allows us to quickly and easily compare the two classes to see which one is actually the more active overall.

The new update incorporates a Player Daily Average viewer into all the screens making it much simpler to get a feel for the activity levels of individual Players, Teams or the whole School.

Moki 1.2.0 - Team Overview

Old data. New insight.

Perhaps one of the coolest aspects of this new update is that the above features will not only apply to new activity data recorded but also all historic data. Immediately users will see their current MVPA and Moki Grade results based on all their activity to date.

What next?

Does this mean Moki is ‘finished’? Of course not, we’re only getting started, but this update is a big step forward and we’re happy to make it available for free to all our users.

As always if you have any questions, ideas or feedback we are eager to hear them. Feel free to get in touch via our contact page.