How many steps does a teacher do in a day?

The results are in! 

The wonderful Water Primary School in Lancashire have been using Moki to challenge their entire teaching staff to a 2 week step-a-thon. Teachers were given a Moki band each and whenever they found a moment to spare between classes they tapped on the Moki reader and registered their steps to the app. The leaderboard was displayed to all with pride and, although the competition was indeed fierce, the main goal has been to inspire the whole school to get even more active.

Water Primary Moki

And the winner? Mrs Collins with a total of 201,646 steps (a seriously impressive average of over 14,000 a day!). Well done to Mrs Collins and all the teachers at Water Primary who managed a total of over 1.8 million steps in 2 weeks!

Think your students or teachers can top these scores? If you are a school and would like to hear more about how Moki can help get your whole school more active please get in touch