Top 5 ways to increase physical activity levels in school

Moki kids getting active at school


With almost 1,400 schools now using Moki to support their active curriculum we've been lucky enough to see a whole heap of best practice when it comes to active learning. So we thought it would be silly not to share it!

Here a the 5 most common ways Moki schools are able to increase their physcial activity levels throughout the school day.

1. Active Classroom Breaks

Encourage short activity breaks within the classroom. Implement quick exercises or movements that get students out of their seats and engaged physically. It could include stretching, star jumps, or simple dance routines. These breaks can refresh little minds and boost energy levels.

2. Active Break Games

Provide a variety of structured games and activities during break. All the classics like like tag, relays, hula hoops, or skipping ropes. Organise a rotating schedule to ensure students have the opportunity to participate in different activities.

3. Walking to School (or at School)

Encourage students and parents to walk to school whenever possible. Promote the benefits of active transportation, such as improved fitness, reduced traffic congestion, and environmental friendliness. Consider organising "Walk to School" events or having 'Walkathons' take place at school, like the Daily Mile etc.

4. Classroom Energisers

Incorporate physical activity breaks directly into the lessons such as brain breaks, yoga poses, or micro dance parties to keep students active while still focusing on the curriculum. These short bursts of movement can do wonders for concentration and overall well-being.

5. Active Learning Resources

Create learning stations within the classroom that involve physical activity. For example, set up a reading corner with exercise balls or standing desks where students can sway or wiggle while reading. Incorporate kinesthetic learning activities that require movement, such as acting out stories, role-playing, or using objects and props for math concepts.

Remember, these ideas can be tailored to fit the specific resources, space, and needs of your school. By incorporating physical activity into the daily routine more, schools can promote healthier lifestyles, improve focus, and create an environment that supports the overall well-being of their students... and staff!