Moki have been announced as the Winners of the prestigious DGI Impact Award 2019.  

DGI is a sports association in Denmark that works to better the conditions for more than 6,300 member sports clubs and their more than 1.5 million members.

Since its founding in 1992, DGI has been a champion proponent in creating a healthy, challenging and community-based sports environment for all its members. An environment in which the individual can accomplish both personal and shared victories.

DGI-Impact is a start-up competition run by DGI whose mission is to make Denmark the ‘worlds most active nation’.  DGI have established themselves as strong advocates to encourage physically active lifestyles within healthy communities by collaborating with innovative startups developing technology that aspire to the same goal.  

After entering the competition alongside 159 other global startups, Moki were shortlisted to one of the final 12 entrants and invited to pitch to the DGI expert panel last Friday (November 22nd), the outcome of which was incredible!  

DGI thought Moki was exactly what they were looking for in an innovative digital health startup that best supports their goals and announced them as the winners the same day.  

“Moki stood out in the application pool with their clever activity tracker. At DGI, we look forward to the collaboration, and to see how these will be put to good use in Danish schools. There is potential to support physical activity and to get valuable insights into how we can support each school in their progress towards a more active curriculum.”  

Søren Brixen, CEO of DGI

What does this mean for Moki?

By winning this award Moki and DGI will collaborate to run a pilot scheme in Denmark to accelerate and boost development in line with the companies goals.  

This support allows Moki the opportunity to put classroom packs into a minimum of 50 Danish schools and work in unison with communities to have an impact of physical activity levels which is very exciting.  

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