What do teacher's think about wearable technology in schools?

A new research study published in the Frontiers Journal explores teacher's attitudes to wearable technology in schools.

The study, performed by a team of experts from Bath, Bristol, Loughborough and Bradford Universities set out to gain a better understanding of in-school attitudes to wearables and the idea of tracking physical activity. The team chose to use Moki as the wearable solution for the project so naturally we 're thrilled to see how the technology is being used to provide this kind of invaluable new insight.

Infographics from Report on Teachers attitudes to wearable technology in schools

Teachers' Perspectives on the Acceptability and Feasibility of Wearable Technology to Inform School-Based Physical Activity Practices

Many children are not engaging in sufficient physical activity and there are substantial between-children physical activity inequalities. In addition to their primary role as educators, teachers are often regarded as being well-placed to make vital contributions to inclusive visions of physical activity promotion. With the dramatic increase in popularity of wearable technologies for physical activity promotion in recent years, there is a need to better understand teachers' perspectives about using such devices, and the data they produce, to support physical activity promotion in schools.

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