Yorkshire school wins county award for best use of Sport Premium with Moki

Selby Abbey wins award with Moki

Selby Abbey Primary School in North Yorkshire has just won a county-wide award for the best use of the Sports Premium with Moki.

Primary schools all over the UK are flocking to join the Moki Movement. Undaunted by lockdowns, home schooling and the great British weather, children wearing Moki bands have marched their way to half a billion steps and beyond.

“I can't think of a single thing you could buy with your Sports Premium that would have as big an impact as Moki has had for us.”

Since using the PE and Sports Premium (PESP) to fund Moki at the end of 2019, Selby Abbey school in North Yorkshire has made it a core part of the curriculum. In fact, they even recently won a Yorkshire PE Primary Premium Award for it! PE lead Stacey Cannon says the children love Moki, and it has changed the way they think about movement and active learning.

Stacey and Selby Abbey

“From Day One, the children have been completely invested and incredibly excited. And it’s never, ever worn off! We have two classes in each year group, so Moki is perfect for running little day-to-day challenges, as well as whole school initiatives.

The children can get quite competitive, but they are also determined to improve the personal best step counts every day. Straight away, every child in the school was hitting their 30 minute targets for MVPA (moderate to vigorous physical activity).

I remember the head teacher running up to me one day, saying: ‘You need to come outside and see the playground!’ Every single child was on the move. It was just on another level to anything I’d seen before - everyone running around, moving about and playing games. It was great to see!”

Read more of Stacey’s story here!

Yorkshire schools are on the move!

Other schools in Yorkshire have had similar success since they started using Moki:

Thorner Primary School

“Moki is really powerful and can have a huge impact on how schools identify children that need encouraging and inspiring to be active.” - Ian Holmes, Thorner Primary School, Leeds

Willowgreen Academy

“The bands have actually encouraged teamwork within the class. The children encourage each other to get more steps in at lunch time including those children without bands. They have jogged with them or invited them to play to encourage them to exercise.” - Class teacher, Willowgreen Academy, Knottingley

Elite Kids Coaching

“Moki has been excellent … Many of the teachers have said that productivity in class has gone up as well as interaction from the children thinking of new ways to keep active, such as one of our schools saying their children like to walk at the back of the classroom whilst reading during quiet reading time!”