The Active Home Schools Project

The Active
Homeschools Project.

Thanks for your interest in taking part in our Active Homeschools Project. As the impact of COVID-19 has meant that for the time being school happens at home, we wanted to explore how Moki can continue to have a positive impact. To that end we are looking for 30 intrepid families to help us put Moki to the test in the home.

How will it work?

If your family is selected we will provide you with Moki Bands for the whole family, a Moki Reader and a link to download the Moki app for your Windows or Mac computer. Over the course of 4 weeks all the families involved will use Moki to track their physical activity levels. Not only will this help us understand how Moki might need to evolve to best support families but it will give us a fascinating data view of how families are managing to stay physically active during the enforced lockdown.

Moki will provide each participating family with the required number of Moki Bands, 1 Moki Reader and a link to download the Moki software for your Mac or PC.

What do you need?

In order to use the Moki app you will need a PC or Mac desktop or laptop (not tablet or phone) and a working internet connection. For detailed minimum requirements click here. Moki Bands use a coin cell battery that lasts 6 months so there will be no need to recharge them during the project.

What do we want in return?

All we ask for in return is your honest feedback and to provide us with, as much as you're happy to, photos or video clips of you and the family using Moki. We'd love to, with permission of course, be able to share your experiences with the wider Moki community so that more families can benefit.