Spread the word and earn cash rewards with the Moki Referral Programme

A class at St. Fidelis school unboxing Moki

By far the most common way our customers discover us is by word of mouth. The fast growing Moki community is a constant source of inspiration to us and every day we discover more people, schools and businesses doing incredible work to get kids active and healthy.

So we wanted to devise a way for anyone recommending Moki to be able to offer value to their friends and customers as well as benefit directly themselves. The Moki Referral Programme allows any approved business to get their own Moki discount code and link to promote to their audience. Any school purchasing Moki using that code or link benefits from a 10% discount and rewards the referring partner with a 10% commission.

We wanted to keep the scheme simple and straightforward so if you feel that Moki compliments your business, or you find yourself recommending Moki on a regular basis, then now there's a way for everyone to benefit.

For more information and to apply click here.