The Moki Mission
Helping schools elevate learning with movement

We’re a team of technologists and teachers dedicated to helping schools deliver a healthier, more active and more fulfilling curriculum for every child.

Kids wearing Moki Bands
The Moki Mission
Ensuring every child gets their active 30 minutes

How are we working towards this? We've developed the only wearable activity tracker for schools. Once they have the data, we help them to act.


Moki Bands
A wearable activity tracker for schools

Moki Bands keep track of your steps and active minutes, offering an exciting new way to engage your students. What's more they'll provide the data you can use to evaluate your entire active strategy.

Moki Lessons
Our AI powered active lesson planning assistant

Moki Lessons leverages the power of AI to give you an unlimited source of ideas and inspiration for ways you can work more movement into your existing lessons.

Moki Mentors
Work with us to design, deliver and evaluate your active strategy

Moki Mentors is the opportunity for individuals or groups to work with us directly, through one or more dedicated online workshops tailored to your specific needs.

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